What payment options do you offer?

Payments can be made by bank transfers, VISA or MasterCard. For secure and cost effective payments we suggest using Transferwise.com which allows you to pay in your local currency.

However the Liability bond can only be paid by VISA or MasterCard.

How can I open a bank account in Australia?

A local bank account is a good alternative to Traveller's Cheques and Credit Cards. WESTPAC, one of the largest banks in Australia, offers Internet Banking. If you open an account via the internet, you must visit Australia within 45 days to complete the Commonwealth Government identification requirements. You must specify which branch you'd like the account held at. Your account will be fully activated when you sign the official account opening forms and present sufficient identification (Passport and Driver's Licence) at your selected branch.

The following branches are near our offices:

Sydney: Brookvale, 694-696 Pittwater Road

Perth: Bassendean, 15 Old Perth Road

Adelaide: Glenelg, 78 Jetty Road

Darwin: Darwin, 24 Smith Street

Cairns: Cairns, 63-65 Lake Street

Is my overseas drivers licence valid in Australia?

Tourists may drive in Australia on a valid overseas drivers licence for the same class of vehicle. Licences must be carried when driving. If the licence is not in English, a translation must be carried with the permit. An international driver's permit is not sufficient by itself and must be accompanied by a valid original driver's licence.

The Minimum Rental is two weeks. I need a car for 8 days, can you make me an offer?

We may be able to. Please contact us.

We are both under 21 years old. Can we rent a car from you?

Unfortunately not - we hope to hear from you again after your 21st birthday.

We are planning a trip with a toddler. May we hire a childseat from you?

We provide child seats upon request, free of charge.

We are three adults, travelling together. What is the surcharge per additional driver?

Our prices are "all-inclusive" and allow additional drivers at no extra charge.

We would like to rent a Campervan. May we drive on 4x4 Tracks?

No. 4x4 Routes are only open to 4WD vehicles. See Categories E & F.

What does the camping equipment include?

If you pick up your vehicle in Sydney or Perth, you may select your equipment yourself. It basically includes: 2-burner-gas stove, table and chairs, pots, crockery, cutlery and sleeping bags.

What is the best time of year to travel Australia?

When planning a trip, take time to understand the seasonal weather conditions of the regions that you plan to visit. For example, you shouldn't plan a trip to Northern Queensland, the Northern Territory or to the north of Western Australia between November and March (rainy season). An ideal time for those regions is from April to October. The climate in the rest of Australia is more moderate.

Do you offer buy-back?

Yes, we sell our rentals on a regular basis to make room. That way we can replace them and keep our outstanding rental fleet new and reliable. We also offer you buy-back just in case you can't find a new owner in time.